After appearing before the privileges committee of the parliament to explain why he said about 80% of parliamentarians smoke marijuana in 2015; multiple award winning Reggae cum radio personality;Blakk Rasta has again released a song advocating for the legalization of marijuana ‘wee’ in Ghana titled ‘Kofi Annan Says’

Crooned in the English language;’Kofi Annan Says' pinpoints how former UN boss, Kofi Annan has added his voice to the call for marijuana and other related drugs to be legalized.

The ‘Barack Obama’ hit maker also nicknamed Kofi Annan the Ganja Secretary General and labelled parliamentarians as unwise for failing to decriminalize marijuana in Ghana. asserts that Black Rasta is likely to spark another public uproar with ‘Kofi Annan Says' which may result in he being arrested or invited again by the privileges committee of Parliament considering the lyrical content.

‘Kofi Annan Says’ is set to hit the various radio stations from Saturday.

Listen to ‘Kofi Annan Says’ in the audio below!

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